Forget iPad alone. How about iPhone 6 Plus alone?

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Ummm….did Apple just give us a file system for iOS 8?

Sure seems that way with the announcement yesterday of iCloud Drive, a baked-in DropBox type cloud storage service. Check out the images on Apple’s site:

That sure as heck looks to me like a file system. There seems to be folders tied directly to apps, as well as more generic folders. I wonder if they’ll use Tags to allow a spreadsheet for example to reside in both the Numbers folder as well as your own Household Finance folder.

In general, this looks exactly like how I currently use DropBox. I’ll happily replace it with iCloud Drive if it works as advertised. I have to assume that in terms of overall functionality it’ll be more powerful than Dropbox.

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Tablet demand hits a wall as many are happy with the devices they own

This data doesn’t really surprise me in that sooner or later we were bound to hit a first order saturation point. That said, as performance continues to climb and new OS revs push functionality boundaries outward, I think tablet penetration will approach smartphone penetration, and we’ll see broad replacement cycles unfold in the 3-year range.

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Things I hate on the iPad that have nothing to do with Apple

Websites that force the pop up reminder to add a link to their page onto my home screen. Every. Time. I. Go. To. The. Site. Enough!! I DON’T WANT YOU ON MY HOME SCREEN.

Websites with apps. No, I don’t want to use an Engadget app, nor a NY Times app, nor a Delta Airlines app. I have an app. It’s called Safari. Make your websites work awesome with Safari and you won’t need to waste time and resources building your apps. (I get that notifications from apps can be useful, but those could be handled in other ways, through websites).

Websites that just don’t work right on Safari. And it’s not just sites that use Flash. It’s lazy devs and/or poor QA. And seriously, you don’t test your site thoroughly on iOS? SERIOUSLY???

What do you hate on the iPad?

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12 million Office downloads. But how many paid users?

In a classic bit of corporate silliness, Microsoft is crowing on twitter about the fact that 12 million iPad users have downloaded Office apps. Thus far however they refuse to state how many of those users have paid the $70+/year subscription fees. I think it’s safe to say that if they liked the number, they’d publicize it.

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Future Office for iPad update will let you print your documents


The initial release doesn’t allow you to print? I mean….I know we’re in a post-paper world but seriously?

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Too little, too late: Microsoft Office for iPad

According to this piece from iMore we may see MS Office for iPad as soon (ha!) as March 27. Yes, of 2014.

March 27, 2012 might’ve done the trick. But at this point between iWork apps and other apps like quickoffice, goodreader, and readdle, the rumor that Office will require an ongoing subscription (!), and it’s decreasing ubiquity, I think the iPad productivity ship has sailed.

If there’s a free trial I’ll check it out. But it’ll take a home run to win me over.

UPDATE: Reviews are starting to come in and they confirm suspicions. MS Office for iPad is a fine set of office apps, limited to subscription only (the cheapest plan is $70/year) and tied solely to Microsoft’s cloud storage services.

Thus, unless you’re in an enterprise already tied to Microsoft cloud storage, there is little to recommend it over the free iWork suite or one of the many other free/cheap solutions, most of which are far more flexible with regard to the cloud services with which they work.

For me, this is a PASS.

That said, I predict that sooner or later they’ll sell the apps outright for $10/each or thereabouts, perhaps with a slighty limited feature set or reduced cloud storage capacity.

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