Going it alone…

It’s Friday, January 29, or iPad Announcement day + 2, and I’ve already made the decision.

I was taken by the iPad immediately.  Despite the hate the thing seemed to generate from so many corners I made a pretty quick decision to make a 64GB + 3G iPad my primary computing device.

Impossible?  We’ll see…

As I describe below, it won’t technically be my sole computing device.  But for all intents and purposes it will function as such, replacing my laptop.

This blog is going to recount my experience.  Once I get my hands on the iPad and download the wordpress app, I will blog from it exclusively.

What I use now:

– A 3.5 year old MacBook Pro.  I do “everything” on this machine except what’s outlined below.  This is the machine I will retire for the iPad.

– A 2 year old iMac.  This is my home’s central media hub.  All photos, videos, music, and iPhone apps are stored here.  This is where I rip, store, and sync media.  THIS IS THE ONLY THING I USE THIS COMPUTER FOR now, and it’ll stay that way once I get my iPad.

– iPhone 3GS 32GB.  I’ll keep this of course, and will no doubt replace when Apple does another hardware rev (wants: 5MP camera, 64GB storage, and yeah a front facing camera would be cool…)

So what are we going to talk about for the next 2-3 months?  Somehow I have a feeling we’ll think of something.  Anticipation is a beautiful thing!


About Tony Moody

I make movies. I wield a Les Paul and an iPad. I consume media - copious amounts. And I dabble in assorted nonsense. What do you do? iPadAlone.com Indalo.biz
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6 Responses to Going it alone…

  1. Del says:

    No point in going with 3G ipad if you carry around a iphone with data plan already.

    Simply use MyWi on the iphone then you save $130.00 on the purchase price of the ipad and save your monthly data plan costs on the ipad also. Makes no sense to go 3G unless you need the assisted GPS function. Which you don’t because you have it on your iphone 🙂

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks! I assume MyWi is a jailbreak app that turns the iPhone into a MiFi (MyFy?) style hotspot?

      I was planning on exploring the two data plans in a later post but this is good food for thought. Part of my thinking, since there’s no contract required and apparently no penalties to start/stop plans, was to literally turn the plan on for the few days/month I spend out of the office, and off otherwise. Your solution may be better (i.e. cheaper) but I don’t know how I feel about jailbreaking. Don’t get me wrong – I used an unlocked/JB’d v1 iPhone on TMobile for months before succumbing to the Borg I mean AT&T. Somehow it got to feeling like I was always waiting on the next version of XXXXsnow or YYYYrain to update my phone 🙂

  2. Del says:

    Yes it turns the iphone into a MiFi so to speak.

    Jail breaking is the best thing I ever did with the iphone done it on every model I have owned.

    Could not live without categories folders, Myi and of course Backgrounder and ProSwitcher for multi tasking 🙂

  3. yoyoyankees says:

    Cool yeah I have no reasoned argument against. Just fatigue factor from the very early unlock/JB scene. I know things are more stable these days, and the tools updated fairly quickly.

    Question did you find this site via macrumors or elseways?

    • Del says:

      Jailbreak scene has come a long way as you know. With Cydia (Prefer Rock) installer all very stable and fast now.

      Found the site from macrumours.

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