Some unanswered questions

1) What will the file system consist of?  And yes, there will be one of *some* kind.  How do we know?  iWork.  I’m pretty sure Apple wouldn’t develop and release native iPad versions of iWork applications if you couldn’t, you know, save the files you create and access them another time.

Maybe it’ll be web based ala Google docs?  Maybe it’ll be a slightly enhanced version of iDisk?  That’d work fine for me.  My gut is that a proper file system will be part of OS 4.0 and the introduction of multi-tasking.  There may be no logical computing reason for them to require or relate to one another (though please feel free to point out if so!)

2) How will we print?  Like a file system, there must be a solution.  Again, iWorks is the easy example to cite.  Gotta print those Pages right?

Bonjour?  Bluetooth?  Either/both?  We’ll see of course but my bet is Bonjour networking for starters.

I’m sure I’ll think of other large questions which loom ahead of the actual launch.  For now this is enough to ponder!


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3 Responses to Some unanswered questions

  1. WytRaven says:

    In response to point 1:
    The SDK has already confirmed a shared area of the Flash Drive that will mount on a Mac/PC as a removable disk so I don’t think there’s going to be too much to worry about on this one. Apps have access to this shared area so file management apps are likely to show up fairly directly.

    In response to point 2:
    Apple has already confirmed network printing for the final release. Sorry don’t have a link to interview but it’s around on MacRumors somewhere amongst all the hate static.

    I like you can already see the amazing potential from this device. I am already a tablet user and have been for some time so I know how great these devices can be.

    The things that have always bothered me about my tablet (ST112):
    OS not suitable for pen/touch use

    Thankfully Apple has addressed every single one of those issues for me with the iPad. Thanks Steve!

    When I need power; 3D rendering, music production, etc my Mac Pro has me covered.

  2. WytRaven says:

    Hmm… that should be ST5112 not ST112.

  3. yoyoyankees says:

    Excellent thank you! Much appreciated.

    And “whew!” Glad to hear that sometimes common sense actually prevails in this crazy world! And I hear you re: your Mac Pro. For me, in similar times, my iMac is more than enough.

    Still quite interested in the implementation of the shared/mounted drive. Hopefully it will be wrapped in Apple’s usual level of polish and ease of use!

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