Yeah but why?

The funny thing to me is how quickly I made this decision.  Even looking ahead it was a remarkably easy decision for someone who used to carry a laptop around just about everywhere.

Wait…what do you mean “used to?”  What happened?  Well, the iPhone happened, that’s what.  The more I used my iPhone, the better and more useful the OS and the apps got, the more I left – and leave – my MBP at home.  The iPhone taught my how little I really need my MBP.

As I’ve already explained, I use an iMac as my media hub.  So what’s left?  Hate to sound like a fanboy, but…Safari, Mail, iCal/Contacts, music/media is where I spend something around 90-99% of the time on my MBP.  Turns out the iPhone does those things pretty well!  The thing I find most lacking using the iPhone is that sometimes I just want a bigger screen for Safari.  Hello iPad!

And the iPad’s just small and light enough that I’ll have no problem toting it.  And when I need to be quick and easy I’ll leave it home, as I do with my MBP now.

What do I do the rest of the 1 – 10% of the time?  Skype, read PDFs (mostly scripts, for work), and light Office.  Which STINKS on the Mac by the way.  SO I’ll happily use my switch to the iPad as an excuse to switch to iWork or another productivity suite – something I’m sure some adventurous devs will come up with.  And Skype and PDFs will work just fine on the iPad thank you very much.

Speaking of reading, my next post will describe why I love my Kindle2, and why I will likely sell it the second I get my iPad.


About Tony Moody

I make movies. I wield a Les Paul and an iPad. I consume media - copious amounts. And I dabble in assorted nonsense. What do you do?
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