The carrying conundrum

I look forward to the torrent of iPad-specific cases which will undoubtedly be announced in the coming months.  Everything from protector overlays to wrap cases (think Otter Box) to sleeves to dedicated bags.

Philosophically, I think I’m going to come down on the side of an overlay and a light but functional bag.  I don’t want my iPad to weigh any more in my hands than it does when completely naked, but I’m not excited about it getting super scratched up.  I’m sure several manufacturers of those stick on protector overlays will release iPad specific designs.  (Have any been officially announced yet?)

As for the bag, here again I want to stay as light as possible while still offering some practicality.  I have a Timbuk2 messenger bag currently.  I think it’s their “medium” size, and it has a built in pouch for my 15″ MBP.  But completely empty the bag isn’t especially lightweight.  I’d guess two pounds or so, so I’ll be looking for a replacement.

Tom Bihn has been talking up their “Ristretto” bag as a great iPad solution.  It’s not cheap at $120 but seems a good balance of protection, practicality, and weight at under 1 pound.

Looking in my current Timbuk2 bag, realistically all I’ll carry besides the iPad is the 10W charger and associated cable,  and misc. business detritus (some business cards, a couple of pens, an emergency Lip Medex, sunglasses, and . . . . that’s it.)  So I can realistically come in at under 3 pounds fully loaded.  Contrast that with 5.5 pounds for my MBP *alone* and a fully loaded bag that probably pushes 8 pounds and it’s easy to see that I’ll be going light in my iPad-only world.

My neck, back and shoulders are really looking forward to it!


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2 Responses to The carrying conundrum

  1. Tim Chaten says:

    I would recommend as I just did and pick out a ScotteVest that works well for you (I got the hoodie) – and all the vests/jackets/hoodies support the iPad quite easily.

    I’m super excited to try this out with my laptop prior to the iPads arrival.

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Wow thanks – somehow those ScotteVests hadn’t hit my radar before. I’m not entirely sure I want to carry the iPad in a pocket on my person. I may change my tune when it arrives…but for whatever reason I’m not sure that that approach is “me.”

      I totally get how it’d be great for travel especially – on the site they even call out how easy it is to go through security by simply taking off the vest and sending it through with all your gadgets. But for general getting here-to-there type stuff…I don’t know. Have to see. Thanks for the recommendation though.

      It does raise a question for me: will the TSA consider the iPad a laptop for screening purposes? I mean, I know – despite my plan to use one for my primary computer – that it’s *not* a laptop. But will the TSA see it that way?

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