And away we go again…

Macrumors reports of word from Flurry that the number of devs registering to integrate Flurry analytics into their apps spiked just before/as the iPad was being announced.

I take this as a sign that the iPad, with its larger screen, more capable hardware, and 3.2 SDK, has truly served to inspire the dev community.  The collective dev community mind is racing at the possibilities, capabilities, and experiences they can unleash.

Flurry doesn’t survey the devs (to our knowledge) so we can’t know this with certainty, but that’s my read.

We’re also seeing more and more confirmations of same, however anecdotal.  A recent post at carried news of an announcement from MacPractice that their medical practice management and clinical software apps will be released in iPad-specific versions.

Just another one-off?  Perhaps.  But when there are a few every day before the device even ships, I take it as a great sign of things to come.  The dev community believes the iPad will sell, and sell well (otherwise why bother spending the time and money on iPad specific versions?)  I’m inclined to agree 🙂


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