The diggers are digging and I love it

More interesting to me than the recent speculation surrounding a Dashboard-style widget system (itself capable of offering “multi-tasking” of sorts) is word of some very interesting items unearthed in the SDK:

1) File Sharing.  Yup you read that right.  As reported by (kudos!), within the General section of Settings is a File Sharing On/Off toggle, under which is an Applications section, currently blank.  Presumably this would allow you to individually allow – or disallow – a given app from accessing the shared documents sandbox.  If so, I like this – it would give the user the ability to box-out any app that was causing problems or doing naughty things under the hood.

It may also have something to do with controlling whether/how the iPad “drive” appears on a mac desktop when connected.  That’s less interesting to me but would also be nice to have.

2) Video Chat. Yup, you read that right too.  So many of the nay-sayers have been lamenting the lack of a front facing camera with the ability to perform video chats.  Will there be a camera in the iPad Rev A?  Rev B?  iPhone 4?  We’ll know soon enough.  Either way, it’s incredibly exciting.  Oh, and FWIW – whenever it appears, and in whichever devices, I think we can be all but certain that the capability will be limited to wifi-only.  AT&T can hardly handle our phone calls as it is 🙂

They also tested the HTML5 version of YouTube, found lock-screen media controls, and pointed out the ‘blank’ key on the iPad’s keyboard dock.  That last item is part of the Dashboard/widget speculation.  And it, combined with a ‘Home’ button, may be enough to convince me to purchase the keyboard dock rather than a regular dock + standalone BT keyboard.  Hopefully Apple will ultimately offer a standalone BT keyboard with any iPad specific goodies…

Exciting stuff!


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2 Responses to The diggers are digging and I love it

  1. Tom says:

    So you mean the bluetooth keyboard wont have the same function key processes? I.E no homepage button on a bluetooth as opposed to the dock?

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Well, the existing Apple BT keyboard was designed to be used with macs, so it’s not clear whether/how the BT keyboard will map any iPad-specific keys or functions available on the dock+keyboard. You’d like to think that Apple would’ve thought of this in advance! And I’m sure on some level they did. However, I wouldn’t put it past them to intentionally hold back an iPad-specific BT keyboard for the time being. This way they make us buy the dock+keyboard now, and the iPad-BT keyboard later 🙂 It’s the cynic talking, sorry. 🙂

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