Here come the mags! And other fun…

According to the NY Times, mega publisher Conde Nast is planning to take an extremely aggressive stance in pursuing a publishing model on the iPhone. This is quite exciting to me, not because it’s unexpected, but rather because with every announcement of this nature the future gets closer and closer to today.

I’ll definitely be porting my subscriptions to VF and the NYer to my iPad. That much less to lug around. And based on the Wired mock up they did I’m betting the overall experience will be exceptionally cool…

Bring it!

Leaked separately: word of new/better auto correct and word suggestions in 3.2.  One item really stuck out to me – intelligently inserting a space as part of auto correct.  This is huge for me.  It’s not clear how big an issue this’ll be on the iPad, but on the iPhone, as proficient as I’ve become at typing, most of my errors are caused by typing a b or v instead of the space bar.

Re: word suggestions, I remember this fondly from my blackberry days (now long gone!)  There are times when it comes in very handy.  Good stuff!


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2 Responses to Here come the mags! And other fun…

  1. Apple has once again built an amazing product that looks nice and feels great in the hand with a familiar user interface, lent from the iPhone and iPod touch, it is perfectly suited to the big screen. My 1st impressions of the iPad are totally positive, the new iPad whizzes along, you can open applications, resize web pages, and zooming in and out of maps almost instantaneously. I´m still waiting to test further, but the first tests are amazing. Regards, Arianne Tiner

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