And now we know…

…March 12 for U.S. pre-orders for *all* models including 3G version, with wifi-only models set for delivery on April 3 and the 3G models some time later.

Putting the reminder in my calendar now…

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6 Responses to And now we know…

  1. Rob S says:

    So I am subscribed to like 30 iPhone and iPad RSS feeds, yet somehow your post and email notice was the first to break the news. Nice work šŸ˜‰

    April 3rd is an odd release say as it is a Saturday. Do you think they want people to pre-order for in-store pickup to generate some retail hysteria? I would assume that no one that pre-orders will get it delivered on the 2nd.

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks šŸ™‚ I should’ve cited my source but instead I’ll bask in the glow a while longer!

      I vaguely recall that the iPhone 3GS date was a saturday as well. Not sure of the thinking overall but presumably it worked well enough then that Apple chose to do it again for the iPad (though I was hoping for April 1 – imagine the humor!)

      If I had to guess I’d agree – people generally don’t work on Saturdays so the stores are that much more likely to be packed. And offering in-store reservations is a fun way to add to that, provide a communal experience, but guarantee people that they will actually have one waiting for them.

      Re: early deliveries, again iirc Apple is pretty careful about working with its shippers to ensure no early (or late) deliveries. Amazon does this too with popular new books that are in super heavy pre-order demand (the Twilight, Harry Potters of the world).

      • Rob S says:

        I remember the 3GS release was on a Friday because I took a day off from work to accept shipment (how lame is that). I have decided i will be pre-ordering for pickup at the Long Island store by my house because I am a technology psychopath and it will make me crazy if I have to wait until Monday to get one.

        I just hope they have two lines, one for pre-orders and one for same day purchases so I don’t have to stand on line for hours like a clown.


        PS..Is there an RSS option for this blog? I’d love to add you to Google Reader but don’t see the option.

      • yoyoyankees says:

        Not lame at all! I’d call it dedicated! Thanks for clarifying/correcting that. Well, for my part I’m happy enough to stay in the comfort of my own and trust/hope that Apple delivers on the day of!

        On the RSS option…interesting, hadn’t thought about it! I’m a blogging newbie so have to figure that out. Sorry to be lazy but is there a simple switch I can flip to turn on an RSS option? Or is there more to it? Using wordpress if it’s not obvious. Have to also get on customizing the look a bit more as it would appear that I’m sticking to this thing, even if my day job sometimes interferes!

  2. Exciting times – it is cool to note that for the 3G version just waiting 3 weeks will get you it – and you can pre-order that one on March 12th too – I wonder how many since they are both available for pre-order will go 3G now? …

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Yeah good point and clever by Apple! If there are indeed some early supply constraints, allowing all pre-orders on the same day might convince some buyers at the margin to go 3G and wait a little longer for delivery. That shifts the demand off the first shipments of wifi-only models…

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