Pre-orders to ship on avail date?

If what Gizmodo is posting is true then web pre-orders for iPads will SHIP, not *arrive* on the first day of availability.

That’s a BIG BUMMER if so. Haven’t we waited long enough? (I have!)

Is this Apple trying to increase foot traffic on Day 1? An inability or unwillingness to deal with the logistics to ship them to arrive on Day 1?

Either way I am not pleased. Still ordering one (not into mobs and lines at stores).

EDIT: The good news is that Gizmodo was wrong.  As we now know, Apple is doing its best to ensure delivery on Day 1, rather than shipping on Day 1.  (Sounds like a new calendar I’m talking about!)


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3 Responses to Pre-orders to ship on avail date?

  1. Rob S says:

    I didn’t see anything like that. Do you have the link?

    When I ordered the language was pretty clear “Delivers April 3rd” while some of the accessories said “Ship on or before April 3rd”.

    I hope this isn’t the case. That would suck

  2. yoyoyankees says:

    You know, my timing on this was poor – sorry about that. There was definitely a post on Gizmodo, and I posted this immediately after reading it (or so I thought). Turns out the WordPress app on the iPhone saves posts as drafts first. You then have to tell it separately to post. By the time I realized that, better info was freely available (i.e. that delivery should occur *on* Day 1) but I posted it anyway.

    Sorry about this – I should edit this post…

  3. Rob S says:

    Make no mistake. I’m still worried about it, though!

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