HFS Final Draft for the iPad!

How did I miss this?!?  For those who know me, you know this is the single most important productivity app that was missing and may have posed a challenge to my “all iPad all the time” approach.

You can now go here to be notified when it arrives.

This is a bit niche-y for most but for me this is a big deal!  Hat tip to JustAnotheriPadBlog.com!

Here’s the piece on CNet…


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5 Responses to HFS Final Draft for the iPad!

  1. Rob S says:

    I just had a full blown GeekGasm

    “check here if you would like to participate in beta”


  2. Yep, it seems pretty clear that there’s no shortage of developers jumping on the iPad bandwagon. They’re the ones who are gonna take the iPad beyond the “face value” stage to places we haven’t even thought of yet.

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