CEO: I have seen the future…and it’s called the iPad

Great take by CEO Marc Benioff in a guest post at Techcrunch.

No one ever accused Benioff of being a luddite (to put it mildly) so it’s not a complete shock that someone like him is such a big believer in where this is all going.  Still, nice to read!

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6 Responses to CEO: I have seen the future…and it’s called the iPad

  1. Nice. I hadn’t really thought about the cloud-significance of the iPad much. Quite a bold view of the coming iPad impact, and I LIKE it. I thought I was bullish about the iPad, but this guy even makes ME seem like a Luddite. 😉

    • I’m not quite sure what this means: “It’s not about pulling information; it’s about push.” Does he mean that users will be pushing (uploading) content or that content will be pushed TO them or something else? Since I’m not quite catching his drift, I’m not really seeing the significance of this distinction.

      • yoyoyankees says:

        Yeah this distinction stuck out to me too as unclear. If I had to guess, I’d say he means both cases you’re saying: info pushed to us, and from us, as users. But I think it’s a step beyond that. More like sharing all info when/where/how/as we want it or need it. No more hunting. It’s all just “there” for us.

      • Yeah, that makes sense: Everything residing “in the cloud,” accessible from anywhere. Guess that’s the whole POINT of the cloud.

      • yoyoyankees says:

        Yup. All we need is the wireless bandwidth/coverage and the cloud becomes very very real. As it stands, we can stream music just fine. And, with active bandwidth management, video streams “okay”. Will 4G/LTE be the ticket? Could be…

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Yup – he’s been banging on corporate IT-think for a looong time. To a large degree he’s been right about many of his ideas, if sometimes a bit early in his predicted timetable (sounds like someone I know!)

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