My top remaining questions…

I’m betting reviews will hit tomorrow since Thursday is Tech day in the NYT.  That also gives Apple 2 solid days of crazy press before the devices actually go on sale on Saturday.  Could be midnight tonight + 1 second.

Since we’ll likely have answers to many many unanswered questions shortly, I wanted to get my last licks in!

Here goes:

1) Email search.  Can you search within subfolders or only the current folder?  I was heartened in the video to see an option to Continue the Search on the Server.  But will that search include folders too?  Also, can we please get an option to also search the content of messages instead of just To/From/Subject/All?

2) Printing.  Is it built in?  If so, how: bluetooth?  bonjour/wifi?  If not….ummm…I guess we make due with apps.  That’d be disappointing.  That said, I hardly print anymore unless absolutely necessary, so of all sacrifices this is one I can live with, or use the iMac if need be.

3) The file system.  What is it and how does it work?  We’ve seen the coverflow-style document manager in the videos.  But is there any way to manage files beyond that?  Folders/subfolders?  Coverflow works okay for a relatively small number of files.  What about 1000s?  Folders and subfolders already exist as a concept in Mail, so why not in the document manager?

4) mobileme/iDisk.  How closely will these be integrated with

5) News.  Will we get any about…iOS4 preview? mobileme revamp? etc?

I’ll be waiting on a 3G model so I expect all you wifi-only folks to fill me in!


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11 Responses to My top remaining questions…

  1. Tim Chaten says:

    Well it seems the countdown now begins for the 3G models of the iPad – and April 24th – it appears to be the date to countdown to – I would imagine the rumors of worldwide release on that date include the USA 3G iPad … only 23 days to go … (it is going to a long few weeks while everyone else has their WiFi models … but the glory of having the 3G model will be great when it finally does ship out!! 🙂 )

    I’d love to see those questions answered and I’ll try to do so for my full day of coverage in Cincinnati – I’ll be live streaming video throughout the entire day with my co-host for the live show Ryan Anderson who lives in Cinci and has a WiFi model shipping to his house. We will also be doing interviews at the local Apple store – should be a very exciting day.

    I’ll add those questions to my list of questions to find an answer to during the shows on Saturday of the iPad Possibilities Podcast.

    Catch all of the action at that link below

  2. Josh says:

    During the guided tours for iWork when they show the documents there is a folder icon at the top right of the window . . . . Does that mean a “look in a different folder” function?

    I have started to move my documents from my MacBook Pro and iMac to my iDisk and integrate them. Hopefully I will be able to access the documents and all the folders through that wee little button . . . . I hope. Even if it comes in iPhone OS 4.

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks for posting. I actually hadn’t noticed that folder – thanks for pointing it out! So far, none of the reviews have been as in-depth in this regard as I’d hoped. But I hear you – I too am going through that file rationalization/restructuring and moving things carefully to iDisk in preparation!

  3. Hmm. Not good. Apple specifically retools their productivity suite and according to posts on MR – the iPad does not have a print option in it’s OS. And from what I gather – Pages and Numbers does not print. Seems silly to me.

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