Aha! iOS 4.0 and a new dilemma

By now you’ve probably seen the announcement that Apple will preview iOS 4.0 this Thursday April 8.  If history is any guide we’ll be updating our devices some time in late June.

So that then begs the question: if the new version of the OS brings a more robust file system (perhaps in conjunction with updates to and integration with mobileme), built in network printing, and multi-tasking…should I hold off my planned transition from MBP to iPad?

No I say!  I’m sure – particularly if the three items outlined above do indeed come with iOS4 – the transition will be easier.  But that’d be no fun!  Besides, I can hardly resist buying a wifi-iPad right now.  Holding off until June?  Impossible!


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7 Responses to Aha! iOS 4.0 and a new dilemma

  1. Tim Chaten says:

    Cannot wait – Double Whammy for Apple – doing the iPad release then right away this is what you complained about and now its in the iPad! – with things you didn’t know you were missing from the iPad – can’t wait!!! – Apple will BLOW US AWAY! 🙂 – I’ll be on Ustream throughout the announcements on the Possibilities Network if anyone would like to join me for this epic event.


    • yoyoyankees says:

      I may do if free at that date and time! You know it occurred to me after I posted…might Apple release something for the iPhone and not the iPad? Then I thought…naaahh! Gulp.

  2. Tim Chaten says:

    I imagine they will announce features for both the iPhone and iPad – there will be some iPad only features – some iPhone only features – and we may begin to see some differentiation between the devices – they may even announce the new iPhone hardware – though I kinda doubt it …

  3. Josh says:

    I can’t remember where I read it but somewhere on Apple’s website, it mentioned that the iPad will get a free Upgrade to the next version of the OS and interim releases but not 5.0 when it comes.

    I have read tooooooooo much stuff on the iPad the last three days. Why does it not come to Canada until “Late April” . . bah!

  4. BrusierBear says:

    I’m afraid it’s going to become more and more obvious that making the iPad a primary computer for someone like yourself is going to be a challenging task. It almost seems as if Apple doesn’t want that to be possible for a lot of people.

    After all, they still want you to buy Macbooks and iMacs.

    After having owned an iPad for a few days now, I can certainly say I don’t think it’s a true replacement for a laptop. It’s a fine device for a simple user, but anything beyond that will present some challenges.

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