iPhone OS4: Ugh. So where’s iPad OS4?

Well…that was…underwhelming on the whole.  Of my four big needs/wants, only one – multi-tasking – was delivered.  And it was the lowest on my list:

-File system

-Email searching within email body, and subfolders



Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about what we got.  But considering the way the presentation started pretty strong out of the gate, with multi-tasking followed by Folders, my hopes were pretty high.  The rest of the stuff was either ‘meh’ like the ‘enhanced’ email, or of no particular use or interest to me: iBooks, the enterprise stuff, the game center, and iAd.

Re: iAd, philosophically, there’s a whole ‘nother conversation we can have about the presence of advertising within applications.  Yes, it helps keep app prices low (or even better, free), but on the other hand…yuck.  One thing I will say – based on the demo itself, it looks like you can do an awful lot that used to be the purview of Flash – games, videos, commerce, etc. all within ads themselves.  This is a not surprising but clear shot across Flash’s bow.  Not that I’m complaining!

Additional questions/thoughts:

– For multi-tasking, how many apps at a time?  How do we close them?

– Really like some of the MT APIs, esp. music, VOIP, and task completion, and fast app switching (state saving)

– Very happy for folders.  I’m a serious organizer…

– Happy to finally have wallpaper without having to jailbreak.

– Enhanced mail – unified inbox, GREAT, but seriously – no searching within email content?  Or subfolders?  Seriously?  Seriously???

– Enterprise stuff and Game Center: happy for the corps and the kiddies – anything to make the overall platform even more popular

– Finally, the Fall for the iPad version?  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us at some point that this means that additional functionality will be built into the iPad version.  Stuff like…a file system, better, email searching, and printing.

Oh yeah…and iPhone 3G doesn’t get multi-tasking!  Wow.  A whole ‘nother reason for those peeps to trade into new iPhones when the next model is revealed…

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15 Responses to iPhone OS4: Ugh. So where’s iPad OS4?

  1. Yes, Apple. Let’s hold off the multitasking on your brand new device that is supposed to be for productivity for awhile. Good plan!

  2. Kingv84 says:

    I agree, am a bit mad about Apple pushing the OS 4 update for the iPad to the fall. We just barely got into the spring season. Fall is far away, but I hope that Apple will add more to the iPad OS 4 when it does show up in the Fall. I really want built-in printing support, even though, the Wireless options on the App Store work fine, but I prefer built-in support from Apple.

    I would like a file system, for organizing your documents, but I do not think it is necessary, at least for me at the moment. If you create documents using Pages, the Pages app keeps your docs organized, if Keynote has documents, it also keeps it organized for you, think of it like, iPhoto keeps all your pictures inside a Library file, which is basically a folder.

    Am also excited about the Game Center, am a gamer and this sounds very fun and something new for Apple. Apple never was a gaming company.

    The Folders on the iPhone OS 4, is great. I used a folders program on a jailbroken iPhone and this idea is great now officially from Apple. Multitasking looks great too, I also used multitasking on the Jailbroken iPhone. All of these features were the main reason I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS, i do not have any other reason to jailbreak my iPhone, other than to run apps not allowed on the device.

    The next couple of weeks and months are going to be exciting in the world of iPhone OS and Apple in general.

    • Poochbag says:

      I disagree, having a file system is very important. Pages is basically useless since its such a hassle to edit an existing document, from another system. Use email to transfer or share files? I’m gonna have to resolve to jailbreaking the iPad.

      I think that multitasking and file system are the most important, I can live without everything else.

      • yoyoyankees says:

        Thanks for posting. And you know I think I have to agree – I may have to jailbreak to get access to some kind of shared/singular storage box until Apple allows for same.

  3. The way multitasking works on the iPhone makes sense. I wonder if it will be the exact same on the iPad which has greater real estate. I could see gestures being used to bring up a dock instead of a double tap of the home button

  4. Ryan says:

    I wouldn’t expect that this will be everything delivered in the final build of OS4. There’s hope yet. I think a file system is a longshot, but I’d expect WiFi printing to come at some stage.

  5. Daniel says:

    Can you explain exactly what you want for the file system? Do you want a finder-type app that let’s you browse files? I just don’t see the point of an exposed file system in devices like these. I think it would be much better for the apps themselves to handle the files. It could be a lot somoother, but I think an exposed file system is a step in the wrong direction.

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks for posting. And sorry yes – please don’t understand me. I use the term ‘file system’ because that’s how we think of it. What I mean though, from a functionality standpoint, is the ability to pass documents from app to app. In particular: Mail, iWork, and iDisk/dropbox or the like. I would be happy to use iDisk for doc organization so long as I could get a document out of it, into say Pages to work on, to Mail to send, and back into iDisk for storage WITHOUT creating multiple instances of the document – which is what currently happens for the few instances you *can* move a document around i.e. you’re not moving it…you’re copying it.

      I would fully expect Apple to do this in its usually elegant, simple-yet-powerful way. Not expecting the Finder. Just something useful.

    • Poochbag says:

      All we need is just a folder, opened to be shared by other apps. Example, serve up a document that can be used by Pages, Goodreader etc. Instead of having redundant file all over the place. Of cousrse this can be remedied by the jail breaking.

  6. Kingv84 says:

    I agree with the above suggestion of a central location for documents. I would think of it such as the option you get in programs on OS X with the Open dialog box, you get the Media sider bar on the left of box. From the box you can select the type of file you want to edit on the other application. Lets say Pages on the iPhone made a document, it saves it inside the “Central Folder”, Goodreader wants to open the Pages doc, in Goodreader you go to the open file option, and the “Central Folder” shows up with individual sections for each type of file created by you organized by Application type. All the Pages docs would be under Pages folder, All the Keynote docs would be under Keynote folder and etc.

    Apple could give you the more advanced users be able to created at least categories inside the “Central Folder” to organize the docs any way you would like.

    This could remedy the need for a file system. This is all just my vision. 🙂

    • Kingv84 says:

      Apple could give you the more advanced users, the ability to at least create categories inside the “Central Folder” to organize the docs any way you would like.

  7. Have you seen this? from: http://www.apple.com/iphone/preview-iphone-os/

    iPhone OS 4 Compatibility
    iPhone OS 4 will work with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the second- and third-generation iPod touch this summer, and with iPad in the fall. Not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking is available only with iPhone 3GS and the third-generation iPod touch (32GB and 64GB models from late 2009).

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