Apps to buy/try – please chime in!

Well here goes, in no particular order.  NB I’m not much of a gamer ( so you won’t find many on this list.  Also, some duplicate functionality.  Ideally I’d try them each and choose…I welcome all thoughts!

Google Mobile

Air Sharing












Marvel Comics



Weatherbug Elite or TWC



Yahoo! Entertainment




NYT Crosswords


Alice In Wonderland for iPad


Pianist Pro or iKeys

Tab Toolkit



Epicurious (for the Mrs) (not that there’s anything wrong with that)


The Elements Visual

World Atlas


Alarm Clock

Twilight graphic novel (again, for the Mrs.) (again, not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Wipe App

Layers or Sketchbook Pro


Sound Hound

Pocket Drum or Jam Pro or Korg iElec

Dropbox if iPad version ready

Air Video

Here File File if iPad version out

Kayak Flights




Office2Pro if iPad version out

About Tony Moody

I make movies. I wield a Les Paul and an iPad. I consume media - copious amounts. And I dabble in assorted nonsense. What do you do?
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10 Responses to Apps to buy/try – please chime in!

  1. Rob S says:

    Here’s my take on the apps on your list that I own and use:

    Google Mobile – Same as iphone
    Air Sharing – Good Reader does it bett
    Goodreader – A+ Must have
    ESPN – Not much to it
    ABC – Great app, just wish ABC had better shows
    Netflix – Basically a web browser witht he instant play feature
    NYT – Disappointing – Only has a fraction of the web site
    iBooks – Slick but selection not as good as kindle
    Pages – A+
    Numbers – A+
    Weatherbug Elite or TWC – Weatherbug is my fave of the apps
    Yahoo! Entertainment – Not bad, but video quality and selection lacks
    Ebay – Very well done A+
    IMDB – Very well done A+
    NetNewsWire – Newsrack 100x better for Google Reader sync
    Kindle – Not as pretty as iBooks but better selection
    Wipe App – I would never wipe my ass with my iPad
    Sound Hound – i’m a Shazam man, myself
    Dropbox if iPad version ready – its not yet 😦
    Air Video – A+ great app
    iTeleport – Absolute hands down A+++ MUST have
    Downloader – i think good reader does the same thing

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Awesome Rob thanks so much. Hey a new app just came to my attention: Sugarsync. Apparently you can email edited documents directly back to its cloud, which then syncs back to your iPad. Hmmm….

  2. fudge says:

    I have a blog and sometimes contribute to others on blogger. What app for iPad, do you recommend? Safari is just not cutting it.

  3. CrazyJackal says:

    You might want to scratch off Readdledocs since Goodreader does everything it does and much better. Goodreader has a phenomenal sharing capabilities, really fast. If I were you purchase Goodreader first and see if it does what you need.

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thank you! Yup there’s definitely some overlap in functionality on the list. Ideally I could settle on a single file-system type app, though it looks like Air Sharing is more elegant and Goodreader more powerful…

  4. Mark34 says:

    FileBrowser! Like NetPortal version for iPhone. Perfect way to access, view, edit, email all files from my company server. I am waiting for the 3G next week, but I have been using NetPortal on the iPhone. Now I can truly travel with only the iPad.

  5. Tim Chaten says:

    Hi Anthony – (getting close now isn’t it to when we get our 3G iPads! – it’s been a fun few weeks with the WiFi model – can’t wait to get the 3G though)

    Here are my top apps after using it since April 3rd

    iTeleport (will this be one way you will still use a desktop OS? – because you are technically on an iPad?), iWork suite, OmniGraffle/Evernote (my most productive/favorite apps on the iPad so far), 1Password, Twitterific, Brushes, AirVideo, Netflix, ABC Player, TWITPad, Pandora, iBooks, USA Today, Magic Piano, Pro Keys, forScore, Star Walk, Asphalt 5, NOVA, Plants versus Zombies, Scrabble, WeRule, Rowmote Pro (AMAZING – but as you will be using just the iPad kinda useless …), WritePad, GoodReader

    I must say I am still waiting for the 2nd big set of releases with apps that really blow me away – Evernote/OmniGraffle/Star Walk/and Magic Piano have to a degree – but I have a feeling something big is on the way – especially for audio people – since USB mic/headsets/some mixers work now with the USB Camera Connect Dongle …

    Anyways – very exciting times – can’t wait to hear your insight with using the iPad as your only computer

    I would love to see an iPad case that holds two iPads – dual screen iPad mode for productivity mode 🙂 – shouldn’t be too hard to make a good dual iPad case …

    Tim Chaten
    The Possibilities Network

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks for posting Tim, and yes the time is almost upon us! (I sound scarily religious right there…sorry about that!) Looks like I’ll be using many of the same apps as you. Have to research iTeleport further, in particular whether or not it’s possible to somehow easily move files from the connected desktop to the iPad, and back. Could be a way to use my iMac as my iPad’s ‘cloud’ file system until Apple gives us an elegant baked in solution.

      And I was so happy to read that the USB Camera dongle allows so much other functionality. I wonder if that’s a USB licensing requirement? Or something Apple overlooked for the time being?

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