I cheated on my iPad (sorry iPad)

Well I finally encountered a situation which despite best efforts I simply could not figure out a way to avoid using the iMac: someone sent me some large files via YouSendIt.

If you’re not familiar with the service, you get a link in an email.  Clicking the link downloads the file via the browser.  I can’t get that functionality to work on the iPad.  Not surprising, but a disappointment nonetheless.  I d/l’d them on the iMac and used Goodreader to import them to the iPad via wifi.

BTW the more I use iOS4 on my iPhone4 the more antsy I become to use it on my iPad.  It’s really “that good” and truly changes – for the better – how productive I am.  Moving email messages from one account to another is a huge feature in my workflow.  Now about collapsing those folders and subfolders…


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8 Responses to I cheated on my iPad (sorry iPad)

  1. Couldn’t you paste the URL into one of your PDF apps?

    For example, GoodReader’s New Download > Enter URL feature?

    Or did the app just bomb out because of the file size?

  2. Craig Brockman says:

    Or why not give them access to the public folder of dropbox and get it via that?

    Oh Anthony – there are ways 😉

    BTW – couldn’t agree more. IOS4 is needed on the iPad. If only for the folders option!

  3. Nathan Hilliar says:

    What about entering “g” in front of the http web address?

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