I can haz Safari extensions?

So I hit OSX again because I wanted to check out Safari extensions. And you know what? They’re pretty freaking cool. I wonder if this is the sort of feature that Apple will use to continually differentiate OSX from iOS?

Or, if it’s another fragmentation nightmare for Apple to contend with within iOS itself? I mean, I could see extensions working on the iPad version of Safari, but not on the iPhone due to it’s far more limited screen real estate.

Obviously my preference and hope is that Apple continues to evolve the native apps for the better (collapsing Mail folders FTW!) though I am concerned that on a certain level the iOS apps will always feel like a generation or two behind their OSX counterparts for the next say two years. Beyond that though, if some of the extremely rosy iPad sales forecasts prove correct, Apple may be forced to make iOS the clear development priority over OSX (as some already feel it is). We’ll see…

I also wonder when/whether we will ultimately see an iLife suite for iOS, updated yearly as it is for OSX. Soon please.


About Tony Moody

I make movies. I wield a Les Paul and an iPad. I consume media - copious amounts. And I dabble in assorted nonsense. What do you do? iPadAlone.com Indalo.biz
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2 Responses to I can haz Safari extensions?

  1. Silvina says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to enable extensions in my ipad, safari 5.1.1

    • Tony Moody says:

      It’s not possible. Yet. I do think Apple will continue to blow out Safari on iOS to compete with the increasing number of excellent alternative browsers, so extensions may be coming.

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