iPads being counted as portables? Well of course!

By now you’ve probably seen the statistics wherein Apple has vaulted from #7 to #3 in portable computer sales.  The reason?  iPad sales were counted even though ‘portables’ has traditionally consisted only of laptops and tablets.

There is a certain amount of logic in this counting, as people like me are definitely using the iPad as their primary (if not exclusive) mobile computing device.  That trend will only accelerate as Apple continues to improve the capabilities of the device via iOS and app updates.  It’ll be further bolstered with the release of RIM’s Blackpad, HP’s PalmOS-based slate, Android slates, Windows Phone 7 slates, etc.

Sales of keyboard-less devices are going to explode, and they have to be counted somewhere!  I don’t see the logic in counting them as smart phones, since they’re, you know, not phones.  If anything they will likely get their own category as other viable entries come to market.  But for now, counting them alongside laptops as portable computers suits me fine…probably Apple as well!


About Tony Moody

I make movies. I wield a Les Paul and an iPad. I consume media - copious amounts. And I dabble in assorted nonsense. What do you do? iPadAlone.com Indalo.biz
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