20 million iPads in 2011? How about 28 million? Do I hear 36 million!?!

By now you’ve probably read the reports that Apple is expanding (or trying to expand) iPad production up to as many as 3 million units per month. Gulp. Here’s a link to a piece summarizing the more aggressive recent analyst estimates…


(Sorry the wordpress iPad app kind of stinks. Can’t do a text-link as far as I can see. Maybe if I knew HTML! Come on wordpress you can do better than this!)

Anyway, by any measure annual sales of 20+ million are nothing short of amazing, particularly when early prognosticators were estimating in the 2-3 million range, and I was called aggressive for picking “over 5 million” in year one. Oh how conservative we all were!

My favorite part of one recent analyst take is the speculation that iPad sales are negatively impacting PC sales, particularly at the low end notebook range. Interestingly, their take is not that ipads are replacing PCs for people, but rather that ipads are “functional enough” for people to delay otherwise needed replacements for their aging PCs.

I frankly disagree. I *do* think that iPads are (essentially) replacing PCs for people. I know a handful, and not just because I sold them on the idea 🙂

What are you seeing out there?

Oh yeah, when Rev B come a out with a front facing camera, I’ll be upgrading 🙂 In the meantime I eagerly await iOS 4.2!!


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7 Responses to 20 million iPads in 2011? How about 28 million? Do I hear 36 million!?!

  1. kingv84 says:

    I will be upgrading to the iPad 2, my wife and me each have our own iPads and we love them. I use them all the time. I have a Macbook Pro which does not get used so much anymore. I tend to use the iMac with its huge screen for school reports and the iPad for browsing the web on the sofa and in bed. I even take the iPad to the throne in the bathroom to read up on news while on duty. lol I also await the arrival of iOS 4.2. Exciting times.

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Cool. I see our family of four rapidly morphing into what will become a one iMac/ four iPad family (and yes ultimately 4 iPhones too). And when Apple gets around to iTunes in the cloud, and allows on-device OS upgrades, we’ll ditch the iMac too…

  2. Josh says:

    It would take a lot for me to upgrade to the iPad 2. I never use my webcam on my iMac, Macbook, or iPhone 4. I am thinking of upgrading every two years like I have been doing with the iPhone.

    I am eagerly awaiting iOS 4.2 too. Having a password lock instead of passcode will make me feel more secure at the school and printing will be nice. Though only at home probably, since the college blocks printing over wifi even for staff. Hopefully AirPrint will get around it though.

    I am looking forward to save-state multitasking, and some of the bug fixes! Though, I will miss the hardware rotation lock. I really hope that is a mistake. Switching the lock switch to mute will annoy me to no end.


    • yoyoyankees says:

      Yup. 4.2 is going to be a BIG deal. It’s amazing how much more I’ve been using my iphone (as a % of I-device usage) since iOS 4.

      Re: video, for me it’s one of those things that I don’t use that often, but when I want to use it I REALLY want to use it. Basically to stay in closer touch with my family when on the road…

  3. MaggieB says:

    I recently read an article verifying that yes, Apple had just upped the ante, and that all their suppliers were now to supply enough parts to up the count by a million more, or three million per month! Isn’t that incredible? GULP is right… but you know Apple just might turn our U.S. economy around single handedly!

    With the impending release of iOS 4.2, along with the rumors that we should see cameras (and WHY weren’t they built into the originals?$?) you will see many of us selling our original iPads in the secondary market to upgrade to the newer models!

    That’s actually a win-win situation for everyone. Apple sells more iPads (like they need to) and promotes jobs to all their suppliers, while those of us that can afford it sell our 1st generation iPads to buy the newer models… thus allowing those that cannot afford new to buy used… which reminds me, did you see that Apple is already selling refurbished units???

    Oh, and one last thought… I NEVER use that WordPress app! I just access my blogs via a browser, on any device and work from there… the app is not reliable or good… which is a sad statement, because Marty makes a great product!

    • yoyoyankees says:

      I hear you about word press. Only issue for me is that the main thing I like to do on the site – see page view stats! – doesn’t work on the iPad. At least not the last time I tried…

      Off to try again…

  4. jessy says:

    Very Informative.. Thanks!

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