4.2 FTW! And PC sales forecasts trimmed…

Well for those who’ve been following my adventure, it may seem like I’ve been fairly quiet and/or slow to respond to the wonder that is iOS 4.2 on the iPad. I wanted to wait until I had an extended period using the final, release version, and now that’s happened.

If I’d not already spent a fair bit of time loving iOS4 on my iPhone 4 I would by now be waxing more poetic about the experience on the iPad. The good news is that it’s exactly what I expected. It’s terrific as has been widely reported. That bad news is that the thing that most jumps out at me now is how obvious the remaining missing pieces are.

Namely: a unified file system (or, as was suggested elsewhere, a unified file app), and more robust email tools (primarily search, and folder creation/manipulators). Given these things, I think it’d be 100% clear that all but the most power hungry power users (read: intense photo and/or video manipulation) could happily user an iPad as their everyday computer with a minimal amount of compromise if any. A guy over at CNet already agrees, ditching his Air post-4.2.

Yes improved photo/album management within Photos would be nice, as would better search within Contacts (seriously…search only looks at name and company?!?) but I think everything I’ve outlined here comes eventually, perhaps in iOS5, which I would anticipate more or less concurrent with iPad2 (which ai anticipate in April).

Oh, I did purchase Printopia for my household iMac as my HP AIO is not one of the latest ePrint enabled models. I don’t doubt Apple will fix this, but until then it’s a relatively cheap way to solve the problem and get printing via Air Printing, rendering the Air Sharing app obsolete for me.

It’d be nice if Goodreader would add a Send type button so I could print from it (or at least extend its own wonky Ui to do the same!) but for now things are working great as is and it portends a very happy future.

I do still look forward to OSX 10.7, and related updated Mac hardware also rumored for April (no internal DVD drives in portables!)

Speaking of “computer” sales, Gartner today shaved it’s PC shipment growth estimates, specifically citing iPad sales stealing share from PCs. Ah yes!


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5 Responses to 4.2 FTW! And PC sales forecasts trimmed…

  1. Tom says:

    Hi, my question is about typing on the ipad.

    1. I’m in college and would love to buy an iPad as opposed to lugging my massive 17″ laptop around, would it be suited to this in general?

    2. I’ve played with the iPad in stores and typing has been fine, but is it ok for longer periods, say an hour or two of typing?

    3. Does typing speed increase once you get used to the device?

    Thanks ^^

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks for posting Tom and sorry for the delay. I have the site set to where I have to approve comments before they appear.

      Anyway in answer to your questions, let me first answer directly, and then indirectly.

      1) In general yes the iPad is well suited to the task, and getting better all the time via iOS and app updates, e.g AirPrint, which Goodreader (the best all purpose file system app IMO) now accesses, etc. And of course it weighs only a pound and a half so compared to just about any laptop, especially a 17″ monster, you’ll notice a huuuuge difference.

      2/3) I have written some rather long reports, letters and presentations on my iPad. Pages took some getting used to as an app (mores Numbers). It works fine. I don’t know that i would enjoy a full day of typing on it, though i don’t think I’d enjoy a full day of typing on a laptop either! My speed has definitely increased. In fact, in portrait (the only way I type), i often have to slow down to give the auto correct a chance to do it’s thing on contractions like it’s and I’ve. If you type them too fast it doesn’t autocorret them for some reason. It leaves them as its and ive sometimes. Strange but i cope 🙂

      I general IF you intend to have your 17″ laptop on your desk in your dorm room (or apartment, etc.) then I think the iPad is the perfect out and about tool. You’ll likely rarely u the laptop at all and it’ll remain a nice fall back in a pinch.

      If however you intend to retire the 17″ and get by only with the iPad, you may find the experience frustrating for certainn purposes. Spreadsheets are no fun (though i do them), photo editing apps are basic and fall well short of photoshop if that’s your thing. And printing requires either an AirPrint printer or the ability to set up Printopia or similar application on a networked desktop so you can access shared printers.

      The iPad works great for my work case, but depending on yours you may find the latest air the better choice, especially the 11″ which doesn’t weigh that much more than the iPad. Its more expensive of course, and no built in 3G. But none of the workflow issues that you’d face on the iPad.

      Sorry i can be more definitive. Hope this is helpful. Happy to answer any follow up questions…

      • Tom says:

        Thanks a million for the detailed response, and sorry for spamming you!

        I have a desktop and my laptop, with the desktop only really used for gaming and for storage, etc. I would be hoping to relegate the 17″ laptop to maybe giving it to a friend or charity – getting rid of it.

        I think the iPad will be the way to go for me as I am doing a Law degree and think the e-reader functionality would suit.

        also I cant stand netbooks and cant afford the air to the iPad seems to be the way to go. You do think I should get the 3g version?

        thanks again for your reply, I’ll be following this blog from now on 😀

  2. Tom says:

    Hi, sorry if this is a double post but I cannot find my original post:/

    I’m studying Law in college, and I have to chose between an iPad and a Macbook/ air.
    I’d prefer the iPad as I’d be left with more money, I like the device and it has 3g, etc. But, I want to make sure about one thing before I buy, is typing on it acceptable?

    I have played with it in stores, but not for long enough to know if it will become tiresome or if it is suitable for writing around 5 pages of document. I was wondering if your extended use of the iPAd could shed some light on these questions. ^^

    thanks ^^

  3. yoyoyankees says:

    Ah in that case then indeed the iPad is a great, safe bet. The desktop for central storage and super heavy lifting beyond any limitations of the iPad. And the iPad for everything else 🙂

    BTW you can also use Dropbox for great file syncing to the cloud (and your desktop) if that’s important to you – it’s certainly a good idea for backup if nothing else.

    Also, Goodreader has really nice pdf mark-up tools (though i don’t use them a ton). There are several PDF-reader focused competing apps as well if Goodreader doesn’t meet your needs in that regard, but as a file system it can’t (currently) be beat IMO!

    Good luck with the law!

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