4.3 brings a wider spacebar!!!

I’ve groused about the width of the space bar (or more precisely, its narrowness) and now 4.3 has fixed it in exactly the way i’d hoped.

In iOS 4.3 the spacebar now extends a full key further to the right, going as far as the end of the ! Key, shrinking the right 123 key accordingly.

Why is this a i deal?

I type on my iPad a LOT, and always in landscape. I’ve become extremely fast and proficient. My most recurring error – and the one which causes the most time lost in correcting – is accidentally tapping the 123 key with my right thumb when I intend to tap the spacebar. I use my right thumb for the spacebar exclusively so this fix is a very big deal to me.

Thanks Apple!!


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2 Responses to 4.3 brings a wider spacebar!!!

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  2. Bonnie says:

    The space bar has disappeared in safari

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