March 2 – What’ll it take to get me to upgrade to the iPad2?

I’ve posted often on the rumored and desired features for an iPad2. With the March 2 event now official, I thought it high time to revisit.

My needs and wants may not be those of the average iPad user. In fact they’re probably not. My biggest want (in terms of hardware) is something that will be felt and enjoyed by all, though may be truly necessary to only a few: a beefier CPU and/or more RAM.

My use case taxes the current iPad hardware to the limit. I have 2500 contacts (and a busy calendar) syncing via MobileMe, several email accounts, and 20GB of files in Goodreader. Plus I have multiple tabs open in Safari (or Atomic) all day long.

Since the update to iOS 4.0, and now 4.2, I feel some serious legginess ,especially compared to my iPhone4.

So in this regard my bar to upgrade is actually quite low! Across all the rumors, the one thing pretty much everyone seems to agree on is that the iPad 2 will get at least 512MB of RAM if not a gig, and most seem to also expect a CPU update as well.

As for the rest, my next biggest want is software related, and thus likely wont be discussed on March 2 (though who knows…) and that is a robust, integrated file system or app that plays really well with the cloud. iDisk is meh for the moment. And my current Dropbox/WebDAV workaround is fine, but not for the long term.

In terms of hardware, next on my list would be an improved screen. I read a LOT on my iPad. Even if there is no resolution increase in this go round, anything that improves readability would be a welcomed change, and another thing that’d get me to upgrade. The current screen isn’t bad; in fact it’s very good. But again in comparison to the iPhone 4’s it leaves something to be desired.

A front facing camera would be nice so I can stay in happier touch with the home front while on the road, though by itself wouldn’t be reason for me to upgrade. I will happily take it though.

Same with a speedier interface. I have zero plans to trade out my iMac, which serves as a media/syncing hub for the family. So I wouldn’t really benefit by an updated, speedier on board connection on the ipad unless I also get a new iPad. No thanks!

Rear facing camera? I literally don’t think I’d ever use it. But why not right?

Better speakers? Okay fine enough, thou if I ever really care about what I am listening to (usually audio from a video) I use earbuds. So…nice but not essential to me.

I think those are all of the mainstream rumors. March 2 should be fun. I hope Steve is well enough to run the show! Either way my credit card will be ready.

OH. One more thing: I don’t think this would keep me from upgrading, but I REALLY want to be able to roll over my grandfathered unlimited data plan. If that’s not possible, it’ll be a big bummer for me. I’ve only gone above the current data plan’s limits a couple of times, but I just hate having to manage and monitor my data usage, you know?

Hopefully with competition from Verizon, ATT will offer this…


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7 Responses to March 2 – What’ll it take to get me to upgrade to the iPad2?

  1. Michael Vautour says:

    Yes if ram is upgraded than I’m sold… so I’m definitely updating my first gen iPad. It’s interesting though I hope this “file system” issue is top on their list of priorities I don’t know how many users really feel the same way we do. Is this more of a power user frustration or beyond that? If it is it could be addressed if not it might be overlooked.

    But like you I also would like software upgrades vs. hardware changes. The need to improve the intrusive notifications, and closing of applications are essential.

    List of most wanted changes in priority order for me:

    1. File System
    2. More Ram
    3. Better notifications
    4. Easier App closure
    5. Front Facing cam (Not a deal breaker just a well you did it on your notebook lineups as standard before mass market) and the android market will all have it so catchup!

    Anyway just my thoughts… I’m sure there are a few others but those really stand-out to me

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks for posting. One of my biggest fears honestly is that they *don’t* preview iOS 5 at the event. I feel like the relationship between the iPhone, iPad, and iOS is all still relatively new enough (moreso when factoring in the recent Verizon stuff) that it can’t be taken for granted.

      It seems like real ipad users are as software focused as hardware focused which is not super surprising.

      I do think we are due for a MobileMe update at the event. So that could certainly encompass some/much of what we’re clamoring for. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  2. Stu says:

    Steve won’t be doing the event. He’s on medical, possibly permanent leave. If he did, how thin he is would be the ONLY talking point.

    Even with a retina display, for most people this will be a “meh” upgrade. Sure, better CPU and memory, front-facing camera (why else would Facetime suddenly come out of Beta?), thinner, usable on CDMA and GSM and possibly some new software gimmick, but ultimately we are looking at iPad+ or iPad 1.2 as opposed to a real leap forward.

    This launch is all about ironing out wrinkles and getting those people who never buy a first gen product to buy.

    The iPad 3 will likely be a far better upgrade.

    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks for postinig. I wouldn’t count SJ out. He did have dinner with PresidentObama recently, and as green as SJ is I still be he like the ipad more than the president 😀

      You’re probably right that it won’t be him presenting though.

      I have to disagree with you though – i don’t think this will be a meh upgrade if it includes a retina display. I think that would push it firmly into incredible territory for everyone – users, MSM, tech pundits alike.

      Let me say it another way: your list of likely updates for tomorrow’s iPad includes pretty much all of the hardware related rumors to date. What else would you think could be in ipad3 from a hardware standpoint (other that the obvious, that being still more ram and and evejmore powerful processor) that wont be in the ipad2?

  3. Darryl says:

    What I would prefer is a better print function. AirPrint is not a universal printing app and I would expect an update that would be compatible with all wireless printers. That said, what 3rd party printing app do you use or recommend.


    • yoyoyankees says:

      Thanks for posting. And you know what? You’re right and i apologize – this is something that must be remedied at the system level. I.e. AirPrint should “just work.”.

      The reason why I’ve stopped worrying about it (and pretty much forgot about it!) is because I used the AirPrint hacktivator on my Mac (since replaced online with something apparently much easier to install – just google it – it’s easy to find). It makes AirPrint work with any shared printer as long as your mac is on. My household imac is always on as it is our streaming source for whole-house audio, so as un green as it is, we leave the mac on 24×7 (maybe that’s why i’m on my third HD in 4 years!)

      • yoyoyankees says:

        Btw before i hacktivated i used air sharing to print. I’ve since deleted that app as Goodreader now has AirPrint capabilities…and that’s still my defacto file system.

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