Whoa. 4.3 is snappy. I may not buy the iPad 2 right away…

I think Apple may have goofed by releasing the iOS 4.3 update before taking orders for the iPad 2. They’ve lost at least one Day 1 sale – mine. And for those who’ve followed my exploits, believe me – it’s a shocking to me as it is to you.

I mean, I never require much to justify a gadget upgrade! And while I would love the reduced weight and thickness, I am not sure – as of this moment – that the added horsepower is now enough to compel me to upgrade.

Safari is noticeably snappier in all respects, including as I type this email.

And mail, another app I use pretty much constantly, feels snappier as well. Switching between messages is quicker, the body of the emails appear more quickly, etc.

Is this enough to tide me over until… iPad 3? Or might iOS 5 bog the thing right back down? I’ll have to play with other apps as well to see if the speed improvements are pervasive. My guess is that they won’t be as noticeable as in safari and mail, but we’ll see.

As of this moment, I am standing pat, likely until iOS 5………

Who’d a thunk it??


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5 Responses to Whoa. 4.3 is snappy. I may not buy the iPad 2 right away…

  1. kingv84 says:

    The speed, ram, thinness and lightness are what got me to upgrade from my iPad. Am excited.

  2. Michael Vautour says:

    Figured I would give an adventure update so on Thursday I drove 2 and a half hours and stayed with family.. The next morning I started a 5 and a half hour drive to Portland and arrived at 12:30 pm as #16 in line when 5! There was another Canadian inline to ahead of me to from Quebec haha.

    Was able to get my 64Gb GSM 3 G white iPad and my wife a 32Gb white wif only with ease! Left the building with 200+ people in line waiting gag! Thank goodness I waited so long lol.

    Than I left at 6:30pm from Portland driving through heavy rain and fog and arrived at home at 3:30am!

    Typing on the iPad 2 now and the huge performance in task switching and loaded safari tabs are amazing, mind you I still want notification and a permanent change to July gestures aside from Xcode workaround, absolutely worth the upgrade cams as advertised are meh though lol…. Go get one with haste!!!


  3. arto7 says:

    I am interested in hearing how long you stand pat. I ordered a half price (refurb) 64 G 3G from ATT, largely on the basis of not needing the camera, 4.3 being described as snappy, and so many reviewers saying – iPad 2 is good but if you have iPad 1 you don’t have a reason to upgrade.

    • yoyoyankees says:

      I haven’t posted my write up yet, but I did in fact succumb to the iPad 2 upgrade fever 🙂
      For my use case it makes sense, and I’ll describe why.

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