Where did the wider space bar go?!?

As I posted here, in the iOS 4.3 betas there was an adjustment made to the spacebar: it was wider, extended further to the right all the way under the ! key.

It was a feature that I was excited about as I use my right thumb to hit the spacebar and often find myself hitting the .?123 key in error. Typing as fast as I do, this often results in crazy errors that iOS’ auto correct is unable to parse.

So much time had passed that I’d frankly forgotten about this feature, which had been captured in some early screenshots of the beta. But it’s definitely not there in the GM release.

Which begs the question…I wonder if, like the 4/5 fingers gestures, it can somehow be activated with Xcode? Any enterprising devs out there want to take a crack at this? I’d be most grateful…


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