iPad -> iPad 2 upgrade fever and why I gave in

The site’s been dormant for a while despite my efforts to the contrary. Sorry (to those who are interested!) I’ve been busy using my iPad 2 šŸ™‚

Readers of this site know that I’d decided to stand pat with my iPad after iOS 4.3 was released. 4.3, along with the iTools-hacked 4/5 finger gestures, brought so much new cool functionality and performance to table that it seemed unnecessary to upgrade to the iPad 2. They were also really tough to score early on which made sticking with the iPad that much easier.

Then I got the call from an overseers friend asking me to score one for him. Surprisingly I was able to grab one from a Radio Shack for him during the height of the “zOMG scalpers are buying all the iPad 2s!!!!” fiasco.

Because he’s not technically savvy, the friend asked me to set up the iPad 2 up for him. Before doing so, I took the liberty of installing a back up of my own iPad and used the iPad 2 as my primary device for a couple of days (and yes ultimately I wiped it and set it up as a new device for him!)

What I discovered is that those incremental functions and performance are heightened and made that much more useful for someone who holds the thing in their lap pretty much all day as I do.

I’ve only made one FaceTime call as I haven’t been on the road much. I anticipate that changing, but so far the cameras haven’t been of much use to me. Thinner and lighter are always good. But it’s not *that* much thinner and lighter. Cut the weight in half…then we’ll be talking about a reason to upgrade.

A funny thing about the added ram and beefier CPU/GPU though – I found that I was revisiting websites that I’d sort of stopped visiting, and clicking links that opened new tabs when I had stopped doing so. Because the iPad 2 has less need to reload pages, I wind up going to more complex pages and clicking on more links. In other words, a part of the Internet I’d shied away from suddenly became easily useful to me again.

The other place this horsepower reared its head was in Mail. I guess it’s my multiple imap accounts with hundreds of nested folders archiving thousands and thousands of messages…but I didn’t even realize how boggy Mail had gotten on my iPad until I used an iPad 2 straight through for a couple days.

These things may seem small, and to many users they would be. But at a solid 6-10 hours/day of use, even a 5% productivity gain really adds up. More than that, it’s like at the margin I’ve bee freed to simply focus on what I am doing, without distraction from the tools at hand. So I did it. Scored a 64GB ATT iPad 2 in black while they were still really hard to come by.

Please don’t flame me for justifying my upgrade šŸ™‚

Oh, my kids happily inherited my iPad. And I was able to transfer my unlimited data plan to the iPad 2 without issue.

The big iOS 5 /icloud announcement yesterday makes me that much more excited to have an iPad 2. OS updates inevitably place a greater burden on hardware, and my bet is that the performance gap between the iPad and iPad 2 will feel that much more pronouns under iOS 5 even if all the features are present in both devices.

So should you upgrade? I still think it’s not a no brained, even for someone who uses the iPad as I do. But I can say this: if you do upgrade, you won’t likely regret it.

Thoughts on iOS 5 and icloud to come…


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2 Responses to iPad -> iPad 2 upgrade fever and why I gave in

  1. Ranald says:

    I really cannot wait to see your thoughts on iOS 5 and iCloud – both will probably be excellent additions to you.

  2. Josh says:

    Well, I just bit the bullet and ordered the iPad 2. Hoping that the expense for the upgrade is worth it! Having read your article, it makes it sound like it’s a good decision…. Now will it arrive before my holiday?

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