Apple CEO Tim Cook goes (almost) iPad Alone

As you've likely read, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently gave his first extended public interview. My favorite tidbit was the widely reported statement by Cook that he uses his iPad 80% of the time, has ditched physical keyboards almost entirely, and has entered the so called post-PC era with gusto.

Here I say: welcome to my world Mr. Cook!

It's no surprise really. There's a reason why PC sales are shrinking (not slowing, shrinking) and tablet sales are booming, cannibalizing PC sales, even though some continue to miss the forest for the trees. The simple reality is that for most of the people most of the time a tablet is a better tool to accomplish what they need to accomplish. And since the iPad remains far and away the best tablet on the market, it sits firmly at the top of the post-PC world.

Sorry if this feels like an I told you so post. And before you say “well 80% still means he uses a Mac 20% of the time” I would say two things:

1) My bet is that 80% understates the reality

2) If the CEO of the largest company in the world (by market cap) can use an iPad at least 80% of the time, can't you?


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2 Responses to Apple CEO Tim Cook goes (almost) iPad Alone

  1. Mike Vautour says:

    While I definitely agree with you in terms of consumer cannibalization of tablet devices and all their needs being met, unsure the relation of a consumer to Tim in his position can be referenced if your referring to it from a working perspective. Typically in corporate environments (apple may differ) executives\ceo’s are really more in a role of negotiation, face to face, decision making capacity where they do not typically create content but make decisions on what their subordinates produce. Our company 100,000+ employees falls into this category as well.

    With that said these individuals could easily use an iPad 100% of the time where-as people at the lowest levels would be more in a content creation capacity and need desktops\laptops. (Some fields have exceptions like sales, medical…),

    What i’m really looking forward to is roughly 2016 when most corporations will be assessing infrastructure upgrades at a client level and I’d be interested in the saturation or tablets vs. traditional computing devices across all levels! Very exciting time to be living in 🙂

    • Tony Moody says:

      That’s certainly a good point about CEO’s in general, and I would say that the larger the organization, the truer it is. I also agree that the next massive global corporate upgrade cycle will be fascinating to watch. Between Windows 8, BB10, and the tablet category as a whole, things should continue to get interesting!

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