TouchID’s (AWESOME!!) future

Interesting iPhone 5s presentation today. I know that some people are inevitably disappointed by these announcements since almost nothing is unknown by the time of the actual presentation, TouchID hardware included.

I’m actually really excited about this feature though. While the focus today was on unlocking the phone and making purchases in iTunes and iBooks, it’s a short hop, skip and jump to get to things like:

– integration with the iCloud keychain (think: TouchID to automatically enter your username and password for ANY site on Safari, and credit card as well where appropriate)

– user accounts (!!!!) for easy sharing of devices (think: TouchID to automatically use an iDevice with your apps, data, photos, accounts, permissions, etc.)

– turn *any* iDevice into yours (think: you forgot your iPhone or iPad but really need to make a call or whatever; your friend gives permission, and you TouchID to automagically turn their iPhone into yours)

I’m sure my imagination is missing 95% of what’s possible but I’m very excited for the Ring Dings and Pepsi, George!


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