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What I’ve learned about weight and portability, or, Why I would buy the 11.6″ Air if the iPad didn’t exist

Look, my shoulders and I have long since come to the conclusion that lighter is better, and to a degree I am willing to sacrifice some functionality in that trade. Using an iPad as my every day, primary computer has … Continue reading

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I can haz Safari extensions?

So I hit OSX again because I wanted to check out Safari extensions. And you know what? They’re pretty freaking cool. I wonder if this is the sort of feature that Apple will use to continually differentiate OSX from iOS? … Continue reading

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I cheated on my iPad (sorry iPad)

Well I finally encountered a situation which despite best efforts I simply could not figure out a way to avoid using the iMac: someone sent me some large files via YouSendIt. If you’re not familiar with the service, you get … Continue reading

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iOS 4 – can’t wait!

Well I am finally back from Los Angeles and settled in at home. Nearly 8 weeks with only an iPad and I came out remarkably unscathed. A few key apps (Goodreader, Pages, and AirSharing for printing) saved the day countless … Continue reading

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Hello World :)

Well here we are, magical unicorns in hand, taking over the world one PC diehard at a time. When I started drafting this my intent was that it’d be a pretty comprehensive outline of my experiences switching to an iPad … Continue reading

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The Big Day to-do list…

My 64GB 3G iPad is on the truck for delivery, or so says fedex.  With that…what’s left to prep to transition to the iPad full time? Apps purchased: check.  I made some amendments to the list in my prior post, … Continue reading

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Apps to buy/try – please chime in!

Well here goes, in no particular order.  NB I’m not much of a gamer ( so you won’t find many on this list.  Also, some duplicate functionality.  Ideally I’d try them each and choose…I welcome all thoughts! Google Mobile Air … Continue reading

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