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Why I Won’t Rely On Google Again

As anyone who's followed Google from the get go knows, they have a long and glorious history of labeling products and services as betas, often leaving them as such essentially forever. Rarely it seems do many Google offerings ever graduate … Continue reading

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My Early Take on the iPad Mini, and the iPad “4”

First, 100 million iPads sold to date. 100 MILLION! In two and a half years. That's absolutely stunning, and phenomenal, and way beyond my wildest expectations. I think it also speaks to a far greater degree of PC cannibalization than … Continue reading

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App Lock: locking down the iPad for business use, and why this is not necessarily a bad thing

I didn’t watch the iPhone 5 presentation from start to finish, but Apple apparently described additional features in iOS 6 that we hadn’t heard about before including App Lock. It does exactly what it sounds like: it locks the iPad … Continue reading

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iPad As Weapon

  Okay so I’ve read about the MacBook Air being used to slice cake, tomatoes, and the like. But in all my iPad explorations I’ve not come across this before. Feast your eyes on my son’s forehead. Turns out the … Continue reading

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The New iPad – My Thoughts

The New Precious When the iPad 2 was announced, I dragged my feet before upgrading. A new version of iOS had given my lowly iPad new spring in its step, and I tried to convince myself that the incremental speed, … Continue reading

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Serious (?) video editing on the iPad

I read this morning on Engadget that Avid has entered the video editing fray on the iPad. For $5, the same price as Apple’s own iMovie app, we now have another offering from the 900 pound gorilla of the space.  For … Continue reading

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My 24 Hour Jailbreak

  As a full time user of the iPad, I’m always looking for ways to improve the overall experience. Hearing the recent news that the geniuses (no sarcasm or irony) in the dev community had released an untethered jailbreak for … Continue reading

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OnLive Office – MS Office on the iPad, Take 2

Video game ‘streaming’ platform OnLive recently rolled out its OnLive Office app. Basically, they are hosting an instance of Windows, and Office, in the cloud, and streaming it to you for use on the iPad. The downside is that it … Continue reading

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OnLive Desktop – another take at MS Office on the iPad

I was pretty excited about CloudOn when it was announced. The idea of having a “real” version of Microsoft Office on the iPad was pretty exciting, at least until Microsoft gets around to doing the inevitable. However, upon real world … Continue reading

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VueScan app solves one of the few remaining iPad alone issues

For those who’ve followed my exploits, you’ll know that scanning is one of the things I still rely on my iMac to accomplish. I only need to scan a handful of times each year so it’s not a big deal. … Continue reading

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