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Happy New Year iPad Community!

Happy 2013 everyone! Big things planned for the blog this year, including an upcoming post with my take on the Apple TV rumors. I think I got it… Cheers!

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I’m famous! (okay not really)

The clipping above (h/t to neighbor KW) is from the NY Times. I'd responded online to an article about the challenges of family travel, and they asked me for permission to include my response in the print edition. I didn't … Continue reading

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Orangutans. And iPads.

Okay so it’s no mystery that I’m an iPad guy. But this AP story picked up by the NY Times gave even me pause! I know they’re easy to use but…damn.  

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iPad 2 as powerful as a G4 PowerBook!

In an incredible post here, Geoffrey Goetz of GigaOm ran some fairly thorough benchmarks, pitting the iPad 2, iPad, and iPhone 4 up against one another. The Geekbench score of the iPad 2 put its power on par with that … Continue reading

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Walt Mossberg joining my club?

Have you seen this? Walter Mossberg, godfather of tech journalists everywhere, went on a working vacation with an iPad in place of his laptop, and found it did a very good job. Well yeah, duh. If he’d read this blog … Continue reading

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The Big Day to-do list…

My 64GB 3G iPad is on the truck for delivery, or so says fedex.  With that…what’s left to prep to transition to the iPad full time? Apps purchased: check.  I made some amendments to the list in my prior post, … Continue reading

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The iPad, for ages 2 – 99, and genius pianists too

If you’ve not already seen them, take a few minutes out of your day to smile as you watch a 2-year-old, then a 99-year-old, use the iPad. Finally, take a look as Chinese pianist Lang Lang plays Flight of the … Continue reading

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