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So how’d we do?

The good news: on the whole the reviews are glowing. More good news: there was more time and thought given in the reviews to the notion of using the iPad as a computer replacement than I thought there’d be.  For … Continue reading

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Why e-readers truly are toast

Let me begin be stating clearly what I am not saying.  I am not saying that e-readers are set to become extinct any time soon – extinct as in, can’t find them on the shelves anywhere.  I mean jeez…you can … Continue reading

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Larger iPads?

So Rupert Murdoch made a comment on Fox Business News that there would be larger form-factor iPads.  Or did he?  Specifically, he said the iPad was “Pretty small to start with” but that there would “be more iPads” and other … Continue reading

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What I ordered…

Pre-ordered, for home delivery, the 64GB + 3G model, along with the standard dock and BT keyboard. Interestingly, and potentially disappointing, I called Apple support to ask about the fact that no mention of key-assignability was made re: using the … Continue reading

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iPad podcast…

I recently had the pleasure of discussing all things iPad with Tim Chaten of Take a listen here. It should be up on iPadPossibilities as well shortly. Thanks again Tim – it’s my favorite subject these days so I’m … Continue reading

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“An iPad Is Not a Laptop” – Gizmodo

Gizmodo posted an interesting report from a coffee shop in NYC that currently has a no-laptop policy. The coffeeshop/laptop culture is obviously pretty popular, but it definitely leaves a place feeling a little sterile. Cafe Grumpy’s no-laptop policy is a … Continue reading

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