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Things I hate on the iPad that have nothing to do with Apple

Websites that force the pop up reminder to add a link to their page onto my home screen. Every. Time. I. Go. To. The. Site. Enough!! I DON’T WANT YOU ON MY HOME SCREEN. Websites with apps. No, I don’t … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Rely On Google Again

As anyone who's followed Google from the get go knows, they have a long and glorious history of labeling products and services as betas, often leaving them as such essentially forever. Rarely it seems do many Google offerings ever graduate … Continue reading

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It’s all the $%#!¥!* iPad mini’s fault!!

AAPL is getting crushed today after reporting revenues and earnings more or less in line with or at the generally lower end of expectations. iPad sales were specified, and were amazing (even if short of the rosier analyst calls). However, … Continue reading

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Where did the wider space bar go?!?

As I posted here, in the iOS 4.3 betas there was an adjustment made to the spacebar: it was wider, extended further to the right all the way under the ! key. It was a feature that I was excited … Continue reading

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So. Howsit goin?

Well, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. I have been completely swamped putting together another film. We’ll start production officially this Monday, WWDC day. Whew! Cutting it close… Anyway, I have been on the road – in LA to … Continue reading

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I cheated on my iPad

Well, four days in and I had my first “oh no can’t get it done on the iPad moment.” Commence the I toldjaso’s haters! I had to amend a contract and email it out. I had already successfully gotten it … Continue reading

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iPhone OS4: Ugh. So where’s iPad OS4?

Well…that was…underwhelming on the whole.  Of my four big needs/wants, only one – multi-tasking – was delivered.  And it was the lowest on my list: -File system -Email searching within email body, and subfolders -Printing -Multi-tasking Don’t get me wrong, I’m … Continue reading

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The bandwagon is getting crowded

Just…wow. When I started drafting this post, my intent was to assemble a list of links to recent articles from media sources – both mainstream, as well as nichey/techy – who’d joined the “iPad is a game changer” drum banging … Continue reading

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Why e-readers truly are toast

Let me begin be stating clearly what I am not saying.  I am not saying that e-readers are set to become extinct any time soon – extinct as in, can’t find them on the shelves anywhere.  I mean jeez…you can … Continue reading

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