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My Early Take on the iPad Mini, and the iPad “4”

First, 100 million iPads sold to date. 100 MILLION! In two and a half years. That's absolutely stunning, and phenomenal, and way beyond my wildest expectations. I think it also speaks to a far greater degree of PC cannibalization than … Continue reading

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The iPad Mini. The Goldilocks Device?

The rumors are now rampant. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that mass production is underway. So what's an iPad Alone guy, who uses an iPad as his primary computer, think about the iPad Mini? To be honest, I'm conflicted. … Continue reading

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Where did the wider space bar go?!?

As I posted here, in the iOS 4.3 betas there was an adjustment made to the spacebar: it was wider, extended further to the right all the way under the ! key. It was a feature that I was excited … Continue reading

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March 2 – What’ll it take to get me to upgrade to the iPad2?

I’ve posted often on the rumored and desired features for an iPad2. With the March 2 event now official, I thought it high time to revisit. My needs and wants may not be those of the average iPad user. In … Continue reading

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I cheated on my iPad (sorry iPad)

Well I finally encountered a situation which despite best efforts I simply could not figure out a way to avoid using the iMac: someone sent me some large files via YouSendIt. If you’re not familiar with the service, you get … Continue reading

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I cheated on my iPad

Well, four days in and I had my first “oh no can’t get it done on the iPad moment.” Commence the I toldjaso’s haters! I had to amend a contract and email it out. I had already successfully gotten it … Continue reading

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