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Why I Won’t Rely On Google Again

As anyone who's followed Google from the get go knows, they have a long and glorious history of labeling products and services as betas, often leaving them as such essentially forever. Rarely it seems do many Google offerings ever graduate … Continue reading

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Media content: Whither Fox? And…what else really matters?

At this point, either officially or unofficially we have CBS, NBC, and ABC. We also have CNN and Netflix among others. Rumors surrounding Hulu are growing by the day it seems, and generally speaking it’s hard to imagine that we … Continue reading

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Another major site adopts HTML5, or “Why am I not surprised?”

This time, according to reports, it’s CBS.com. ¬†Considering the manner in which they make their TV shows available, by itself this is excellent news. The bigger deal of course is that it’s part of a large and ongoing trend. ¬†Whether … Continue reading

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Here come the mags! And other fun…

According to the NY Times, mega publisher Conde Nast is planning to take an extremely aggressive stance in pursuing a publishing model on the iPhone. This is quite exciting to me, not because it’s unexpected, but rather because with every … Continue reading

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