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Where did the wider space bar go?!?

As I posted here, in the iOS 4.3 betas there was an adjustment made to the spacebar: it was wider, extended further to the right all the way under the ! key. It was a feature that I was excited … Continue reading

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zOMG 4 and 5 finger gestures are the bomb

I used the Xcode trick to turn on the 4 and 5 finger gestures setting in iOS 4.3 (google is your friend here – it’s super super super simple to do, promise). I understand why Apple didn’t ‘ship’ this in … Continue reading

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Whoa. 4.3 is snappy. I may not buy the iPad 2 right away…

I think Apple may have goofed by releasing the iOS 4.3 update before taking orders for the iPad 2. They’ve lost at least one Day 1 sale – mine. And for those who’ve followed my exploits, believe me – it’s … Continue reading

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4.3 brings a wider spacebar!!!

I’ve groused about the width of the space bar (or more precisely, its narrowness) and now 4.3 has fixed it in exactly the way i’d hoped. In iOS 4.3 the spacebar now extends a full key further to the right, … Continue reading

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