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IDC: PC shipments in Q1 faced their steepest known drop to date

Wow (!) This is astonishing. The size of the drop in sales is humongous and reminiscent of when CDs got Napstered…

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The iPad alone will soon be bigger than all of Intel Corporation

No, not my humble blog (nice though that would be!) We're talking revenues here, and according to this article from the Motlet Fool the iPad will soon generate more revenues than does all of Intel. Pretty cool and not at … Continue reading

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It’s all the $%#!¥!* iPad mini’s fault!!

AAPL is getting crushed today after reporting revenues and earnings more or less in line with or at the generally lower end of expectations. iPad sales were specified, and were amazing (even if short of the rosier analyst calls). However, … Continue reading

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PC Sales Continue to Shrink at the Hands of Tablets

You don't need a table like the one above (courtesy of Gartner via Engadget) to see what's happening in tech sales today. You simply need to look around. More and more people are discovering that tablets – especially the iPad … Continue reading

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Apple CEO Tim Cook goes (almost) iPad Alone

As you've likely read, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently gave his first extended public interview. My favorite tidbit was the widely reported statement by Cook that he uses his iPad 80% of the time, has ditched physical keyboards almost entirely, … Continue reading

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My Early Take on the iPad Mini, and the iPad “4”

First, 100 million iPads sold to date. 100 MILLION! In two and a half years. That's absolutely stunning, and phenomenal, and way beyond my wildest expectations. I think it also speaks to a far greater degree of PC cannibalization than … Continue reading

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iPad sales vs. Mac portable sales. Wow.

Apple recently announced yet another quarterly result filled with all manner of shocking metrics including a whopping 17 million iPads sold. That's astonishing by itself, though frankly the sales numbers have been so astonishing for so long that I've ceased … Continue reading

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“Deep Thoughts” from TUAW

Erica Sadun is a terrific dev/hacker and a pretty solid journalist to boot. She just penned an interesting piece over at TUAW regarding the iPad’s success. Though I’d quibble with some of her ideas here, in particular regarding the relationship … Continue reading

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Welcome to my world, Tim Cook!

By now you’ve probably heard or read that Apple announced what can only be described as “ridiculous earnings” for the most recent quarter. The stock is at an all time high, the most valuable company on the planet; worth more, … Continue reading

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4.2 FTW! And PC sales forecasts trimmed…

Well for those who’ve been following my adventure, it may seem like I’ve been fairly quiet and/or slow to respond to the wonder that is iOS 4.2 on the iPad. I wanted to wait until I had an extended period … Continue reading

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