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iOS vs. Android: mac vs. Windows all over again?

With the recent word that Google is planning a tablet – running Android no less, as opposed to Chrome – in response to the iPad, it began to feel more and more like deja vu all over again. To wit: … Continue reading

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Resorting to a jailbreak?

A few things have become apparent recently: 1) There almost certainly will be a JB for the iPad. 2) The iPad – even with OS4 – will be a challenge to use as a primary computer as long as it … Continue reading

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iPhone OS4: Ugh. So where’s iPad OS4?

Well…that was…underwhelming on the whole.  Of my four big needs/wants, only one – multi-tasking – was delivered.  And it was the lowest on my list: -File system -Email searching within email body, and subfolders -Printing -Multi-tasking Don’t get me wrong, I’m … Continue reading

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Aha! iOS 4.0 and a new dilemma

By now you’ve probably seen the announcement that Apple will preview iOS 4.0 this Thursday April 8.  If history is any guide we’ll be updating our devices some time in late June. So that then begs the question: if the … Continue reading

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The two things I really need to know in the next 30 days…

(Or, how I am trying desperately to convince myself not to reflexively buy a wifi-only model to tide myself over…) 1) The best file-system alternative.  Since there’s not much of a file-system per se, and I intend to load/access scads of … Continue reading

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The bandwagon is getting crowded

Just…wow. When I started drafting this post, my intent was to assemble a list of links to recent articles from media sources – both mainstream, as well as nichey/techy – who’d joined the “iPad is a game changer” drum banging … Continue reading

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Media content: Whither Fox? And…what else really matters?

At this point, either officially or unofficially we have CBS, NBC, and ABC. We also have CNN and Netflix among others. Rumors surrounding Hulu are growing by the day it seems, and generally speaking it’s hard to imagine that we … Continue reading

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So how’d we do?

The good news: on the whole the reviews are glowing. More good news: there was more time and thought given in the reviews to the notion of using the iPad as a computer replacement than I thought there’d be.  For … Continue reading

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My top remaining questions…

I’m betting reviews will hit tomorrow since Thursday is Tech day in the NYT.  That also gives Apple 2 solid days of crazy press before the devices actually go on sale on Saturday.  Could be midnight tonight + 1 second. … Continue reading

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“Convergence” as I see it

With a hearty hat tip to commenter Chris Armstrong, whose comment reminded me that I had somehow not posted these thoughts here.  Must’ve posted them on a forum somewhere.  Chris’ comment also helped galvanize my thinking.  Anyway… I speculate that … Continue reading

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