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Excited for iOS 4.3 and iPad 2

By now you’ve probably read about the various new features in iOS 4.3, as well as the mention of new iDevice codes including both iPhones and iPads. I won’t recount all the upcoing features here, but as an every day … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned about weight and portability, or, Why I would buy the 11.6″ Air if the iPad didn’t exist

Look, my shoulders and I have long since come to the conclusion that lighter is better, and to a degree I am willing to sacrifice some functionality in that trade. Using an iPad as my every day, primary computer has … Continue reading

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iPads being counted as portables? Well of course!

By now you’ve probably seen the statistics wherein Apple has vaulted from #7 to #3 in portable computer sales.  The reason?  iPad sales were counted even though ‘portables’ has traditionally consisted only of laptops and tablets. There is a certain … Continue reading

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“Late” April indeed!

Well now we know – the 3G’s are due to arrive and hit retail on April 30th.  The very last day in April.  Couldn’t cut it much closer, could they? My pre-iPad to-do list is getting shorter.  Bag is in … Continue reading

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The bandwagon is getting crowded

Just…wow. When I started drafting this post, my intent was to assemble a list of links to recent articles from media sources – both mainstream, as well as nichey/techy – who’d joined the “iPad is a game changer” drum banging … Continue reading

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Another major site adopts HTML5, or “Why am I not surprised?”

This time, according to reports, it’s CBS.com.  Considering the manner in which they make their TV shows available, by itself this is excellent news. The bigger deal of course is that it’s part of a large and ongoing trend.  Whether … Continue reading

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