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March 2 – What’ll it take to get me to upgrade to the iPad2?

I’ve posted often on the rumored and desired features for an iPad2. With the March 2 event now official, I thought it high time to revisit. My needs and wants may not be those of the average iPad user. In … Continue reading

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4.2 FTW! And PC sales forecasts trimmed…

Well for those who’ve been following my adventure, it may seem like I’ve been fairly quiet and/or slow to respond to the wonder that is iOS 4.2 on the iPad. I wanted to wait until I had an extended period … Continue reading

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With printing and iWork updates, and iDisk, do we have our file system?

So I just updated my iWork apps and found the new iDisk integration to be pretty sweet. You can “copy from” and “copy to” iDisk, which opens a popover window allowing you to browse your iDisk. Conversely, you can “Open … Continue reading

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The Big Day to-do list…

My 64GB 3G iPad is on the truck for delivery, or so says fedex.  With that…what’s left to prep to transition to the iPad full time? Apps purchased: check.  I made some amendments to the list in my prior post, … Continue reading

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iOS vs. Android: mac vs. Windows all over again?

With the recent word that Google is planning a tablet – running Android no less, as opposed to Chrome – in response to the iPad, it began to feel more and more like deja vu all over again. To wit: … Continue reading

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Resorting to a jailbreak?

A few things have become apparent recently: 1) There almost certainly will be a JB for the iPad. 2) The iPad – even with OS4 – will be a challenge to use as a primary computer as long as it … Continue reading

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iPhone OS4: Ugh. So where’s iPad OS4?

Well…that was…underwhelming on the whole.  Of my four big needs/wants, only one – multi-tasking – was delivered.  And it was the lowest on my list: -File system -Email searching within email body, and subfolders -Printing -Multi-tasking Don’t get me wrong, I’m … Continue reading

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