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Apple CEO Tim Cook goes (almost) iPad Alone

As you've likely read, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently gave his first extended public interview. My favorite tidbit was the widely reported statement by Cook that he uses his iPad 80% of the time, has ditched physical keyboards almost entirely, … Continue reading

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Welcome to my world, Tim Cook!

By now you’ve probably heard or read that Apple announced what can only be described as “ridiculous earnings” for the most recent quarter. The stock is at an all time high, the most valuable company on the planet; worth more, … Continue reading

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20 million iPads in 2011? How about 28 million? Do I hear 36 million!?!

By now you’ve probably read the reports that Apple is expanding (or trying to expand) iPad production up to as many as 3 million units per month. Gulp. Here’s a link to a piece summarizing the more aggressive recent analyst … Continue reading

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